Trading Platforms

Desktop Platform

An exceptional trading experience guaranteed by an organized system of trading tools and modern approaches.

Access to all 4 major markets

A selection of more than 1000 of trading assets is available. Trade the most common assets on forex, commodities, stock and indices markets. A combination of all the markets’ benefits that resulted in one trading platform.

Instant execution

Only real-time market prices are displayed. More than that, our traders have an option of One Click Trading option. Using this option you can be sure that your orders are executed instantly under the most suitable prices with just one click of a button.

Rapid reporting system

Our smart dashboard and advanced reporting system will be your great assistant. You are always informed and able to control your investments anytime. To ensure your productivity we have provided you with a wide selection of trading tools and systems. Analyze your results and monitor your activities to improve the quality of your trading decisions.

Intuitional and smart trading platform

Our effort in developing new technologies have found its result in a flexible, simple and a fully adjustable trading platform. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced one, the platform will be just a piece of cake for you. Now you can build your trading environment according to your trading system and adjust it to your own vision.

  • Advanced charts

    Explore the charts and build your prediction of a probable price movement. Analyze the current situation and master your skills while improving your trading results.
  • Economic calendar

    Your time is a great value for us, therefore, we have integrated economic calendar as another feature to keep your attention in just one place. Stay always informed about the last changes in the global economy and never miss an opportunity to benefit.
  • Alerting system

    Our smart price alerts will make sure that you always participate in the trade at the most convenient conditions for you. The user-friendly system will let you choose the suitable rate you expect to open trades. As soon as the set price of the tracked asset is reached you will receive a notification to enter or quit the trade.
Mobile platform

You will never miss an opportunity with our development. You can control your investment and manage your trades just using our app. Now everything you need is within the reach of your pocket.

Instant access to all 4 markets

You can select the necessary asset from among 1000 of available in the list. Get access to any currency pair, commodity, stock or index.

Price alerts

Choose the price of an asset that you are willing to open or close the trade and receive a notification once the price of the tracked asset is reached. Our smart alerting system will not let you miss a desired opportunity.

One Click Trading

Every successful person knows that the greatest VALUE is TIME. We have implemented this new feature for you to just choose an asset and have your order executed instantly with our One Click option.

Rapid reporting system

Wherever you are located at a given moment you have the access to the summary of your trades. You can hold your finger on your portfolio’s pulse anytime. Monitor and analyze your activity and personal results to improve your trading system. Enhance your skills and take smarter decisions based your previous experience.

Smart trading platform

Our flexible trading platform adjusts to your preferences and trading system. Select your favourite assets, platform’s appearance and the suitable execution type. You can turn your platform to a comfortable but extremely effective trading tool.

  • Advanced charts

    All types of charts are displayed on your mobile device. Analyze the information and increase your results.
  • Favourites

    Choose an asset you trade the most from hundreds of available and get access to it instantly without looking for the favourite ones each and every time.
  • Order execution type

    A number of types of order execution will let you either move along with the market as soon as the set previously price is reached or open the position immediately with the current market price and the needed rate execution types.