What are CFDs

Trading CFDs (Contract For Difference) gives traders an opportunity to speculate on a price change of any of the financial market instruments. These may be indices, stocks, currency pairs, commodities or bonds. You can trade these assets without actually owning them and benefit regardless the price direction. This means that if you think that a price of a certain asset is going up, you open a “Buy” position and take your profits when the price gets higher. Or otherwise, if your prediction is for the price to go down, you open a “Sell” position. Whenever your opinion is right, you get profit.

How to trade Contracts for Difference with Interactive-trading

At the very start of trading CFDs the majority of traders get lost, wondering where they should start from and have tons of questions about the process. Here you will find answers and a brief look at the system to help you get started. CFDs are very easy to master and get understanding of financial markets trading. When trading CFDs you you should stick to the following concept.

  • Select and asset that you want to trade: any from
    the list – currency pairs, commodities, stocks or
  • Chose an amount for this particular trade and
    pick the desired leverage;
  • BUY the selected asset if you think that the price
    will rise. SELL this asset if you expect its price to
    go down;
  • When the expected price is reached – close
    the position;
  • The difference between the opening price and the
    closing price is calculated, then it is added to your
    trading account’s balance.

Important Features

  • Guaranteed benefits that traders get with Interactive-trading
  • Access to multiple markets;
  • A wide range of assets: more than 1,000 financial instruments;
  • An opportunity to start with a small initial capital;
  • Fast and simplified withdrawal system;
  • An advanced risk management system;
  • Leverage up to x200 to increase gains;
  • Transparent system of commissions.

Control the Risks

Traders have an excellent opportunity to get extremely high profits while trading CFDs, however the possibility of a loss is always present. A good trader is the one who avoids unnecessary risks and protects himself from unexpected moves of price on financial markets. The method of risk management is created to ensure that a trader will not face huge losses. A key factor in being protected lies in staying notified about the last geopolitical and financial changes around the globe. Interactive-trading has taken it as its mission to update traders about the most recent events and changes in the global economy.

Remember to always use the following tools and make sure protect your trades:

Take Profit

It is not possible to monitor the price 24/7, so using this option, your positions will be closed in profit as soon as the expected price is reached.

Stop Loss

Designed to limit potential loses this option is a key tool to protect your capital. Whenever you face an unexpected movement on financial markets, a negative trade will be closed to prevent it from harming your balance.

Execution type

We are here to make sure that you are surrounded by all the necessary support and comfort. You can simply set the requirements for the trade and our automated software will find you a suitable one for it. In case that the required conditions are not met, the system will not open the trade.

To find our more information, you may register on our platform in just one minute
and go through our educational materials. All the learning tools are accessible for
the registered clients.


Drop the bounds of a limited capital! Interactive-trading offers you to use its own resources to invest larger amounts in your trades.

A leverage of up to x200 is available from now on! It is usually presented in a form of a ratio. For instance, 1:5 is 20% of a percentage or 1:10 is 10%.

But beginner traders are advised to use leverage carefully as with the higher returns comes a possibility of an increased risk of a loss. This tool is more popular among experienced traders with more advanced trading style.

A notice for a maintenance margin

Maintenance margin specifies a minimum amount of capital in an account of a trader or in other words, it is a lowest amount of funds that allows a trader to continue trading without interruptions. In case the maintenance margin is under the minimum margin level, some opened positions may be automatically closed. Traders have an option to add more capital to their trading accounts but if the funds are not injected, the opened positions will be closed to restore the level of margin up to the required value. Our traders are instantly alarmed and informed about the probability of the following situation. Interactive-trading immediately provides a few options of the required actions to take to prevent the undesirable situation from happening.





Your trading account is now in your pocket. You can get access to the platform within seconds and hold your hand on pulse of your trades around the clock. Now there is no difference if you are in front of your computer or hiking in mountains – you can act from any place of the globe.

These are just a few advantages of having the platform in your device:

  • You are always ready to any of the market movements;
  • You can manage your portfolio and adjust it to a fast changing situation;
  • Always notified at any place;
  • Stay flexible and benefit from a sudden opportunity;
  • You have a full and real control of your capital.

Here at Interactive-trading we understand that these days it is all about time and discretion. Our mobile platform is a gulp of fresh air for those who never stop, constantly on the go and take personal freedom above all. With our development you can manage your portfolio from anywhere.

How to master skills and increase the returns trading CFDs?

Although our platform is designed in the way that traders of all levels of experience could enjoy its simplicity we are here to ensure your best trading experience. Every trader is welcomed to join our educational programs, webinars, use our large variety of learning tools to enhance their trading systems. Everything about Interactive-trading is created with a thought of delivering a high level of service and bringing you to a brand new level of success!