Are there any additional commissions charged on my profits?

We are not charging our clients with any extra fees. However, local tax laws of the country of residence of a client may apply additional taxes. This has to be reviewed by a client himself.

What is an “underlying financial asset”?

An underlying financial asset is an asset (stocks, commodities, indices or currencies) upon which a derivatives price is based. The price of a derivative correlates to the price of an underlying asset. The most popular assets are referred to four main financial markets:

  • Currencies (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD etc.);
  • Stocks (Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Amazon.com etc.);
  • Commodities (Oil, Gold, Wheat etc.)
  • Indices (Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, The Barclays Capital U.S., FTSE-100 etc.)

Why can I not open new trades?

You should check if your trading account is verified, complete the procedure before beginning open trades. Also, there should be enough capital in your trading account as a free margin that can be used as collateral.

Why can I not trade a certain asset?

A number of assets available to trade depend on the chosen account type. If you want to trade a particular asset, you should contact your account manager.

What is a CFD?

Trading CFDs gives a client a great opportunity to trade a certain asset without actually owning it. These are the contracts made between a client and a broker to exchange the difference in a price of a given share, commodity, index or a currency at the contracts’ expiration date.

What is a Take-Profit order?

This type of order operates in the same way as a Stop-Loss order. However, Take-Profit is designed to close the position in profit once the predicted price for an asset is reached.

What is a Stop-Loss order?

This is a powerful tool designed to minimize a possible loss of a trader and is a part of practically every trading system. A Stop-Loss order allows a trader to close the trade automatically once the price of a tradable asset takes an unexpected move to a direction opposite to the expected one. For instance, if there is an unpredicted geopolitical change in the world and the price of your asset rises instead of falling, this order will close down the position and protect your trading account from a significant loss.


How long will it take to receive my withdrawal?

It might take up to 5 business days to approve and process the withdrawal. The transaction should be approved by your credit card company and the banks, then you will receive the funds within a couple of days.

How do I withdraw my profit?

The withdrawal option is available in your trading account. Once you want to receive some funds you chose this option and enter the amount for a withdrawal. It takes up to 5 business days to approve and process your withdrawal. Your account manager will contact you to confirm your request. Also, be sure to complete the verification of your trading account before requesting the withdrawal.

What are the ways I can receive my withdrawal?

You should remember that the withdrawal of the initial amount used to fund your trading account can only be made through the same payment method. All the following withdrawals can be processed using any convenient payment method that is available in our list. For instance, you have made your first deposit using a bank transfer to send 5000$. Then you made another 4000$ and now you want to withdraw the amount of 9000$. You will receive 5000$ back via bank transfer and the other amount of 4000$ will be sent by any suitable method.


What is my trading account base currency?

Before you complete the registration procedure you have to choose among three major currencies – USD, EUR, GBP. Please notice that the base currency cannot be changed after the registration is completed.

How do I deposit?

There are three most common payment methods to fund your trading account. You can use your credit card, bank transfer or an e-payment system.

Why can I not login?

You should check if you are entering the password correctly. Try not to copy and paste it, always put it manually. If the problem remains you should clean cache files and cookies in your web browser or use another one. In case of any similar questions you can always contact our Customer Support Service.

How do I verify my trading account?

This procedure requires you to provide us with a couple of documents from your side. You need to provide a clear, coloured scan or photo of the full page of your passport or ID. Also, a photo or a scan of the proof of residence document (a utility bill or a bank statement or any other document that clearly displays your name, address and date – the date on the document should be not older than 3 months from now). If you used your credit card to fund your account, the photo of the both sides of the card will be required. Be sure to cover first 12 digits on the card’s front side with a piece of paper and the CVV code on the card’s back, the rest of the information has to be clearly visible.