What are CFDs


  • High leverage
  • Multiple choice of markets
  • Possibility to hedge your investments
  • No day trading volume obligations
  • Stop Loss/Take Profit available
Contracts for difference (CFDs)

allow traders to take advantage of a wide range of assets without the need of purchasing these assets physically.

Moreover, the profit may be received regardless an actual price direction. This way, traders have another opportunity to make positive results not only by buying an asset but also from selling it.

How It Works

Choose an asset

Select the type of your asset (All, Forex, Commodities, Stocks or Indices) and find the asset to start trading.

Option 1:

Open a trade

If you expect to benefit from a positive price movement click on the BUY button. In case the price is heading down according to your predictions you should open the trade with the SELL button.

Choose the Volume of Your Investment

Here you have to set the amount of your funds for this particular trade. Always remember that your revenues depend on your investments – the more you put in, the more you are likely to get.

Open Trade

Once you fill the necessary information for your trade you need to choose the Open Trade button and then you will see another window with a full information on your trade. There you will have the possibility to set few other options such as Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Take Profit

With the Take Profit option it is possible to order the system to close a particular trade once the price has reached an anticipated price level. The purpose of this option is to close a profitable trade automatically.

Stop Loss

The use of the Stop Loss option is vital for every trader. It is designed to close negative trades to prevent trading accounts from serious losses.

Close trade

Any trade can be closed at any point of time. Once you think you have made enough you can click the button and the trade will be instantly closed. You should also check the Trade History tab if you need to find information about any of your previously closed trades.

Choose an asset

Select the type of your asset (All, Forex, Commodities, Stocks or Indices) and find the asset to start trading.

Set Up the Size of Your Investment

You should put the amount manually or just use up and down buttons in the Rate field.

Complete Your Order

Once a certain price is chosen and once it is reached the order will be triggered and the trade will be opened. You only need to press the Send button.

Option 2:

Place an order

Placing an order means that you prefer to trade a chosen asset once its price level reaches a satisfactory range not a current market price. Just click on Order tab.