Key CFD Strategies

Trading CFDs can bring great returns, however this type of trading may be unreliable as well. Traders occasionally stand against great risks as the market is greatly volatile. So to minimize the possibility of a loss and control the risks traders use different trading strategies in order to gain increased profits but reduce the risks. It is absolutely normal that a great lot of trading strategies usually confuse traders at the beginning. But it is vital to master the most common ones and learn to use them. Interactive-trading gives you a perfect opportunity to become a professional trader armed with a strong knowledge and a number of effective strategies.

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Increase Your Trading Skills With Our Strategies

It is a fact that the financial market is always unstable. The prices may change their direction unexpectedly at any moment. There are lots of cases that a trader could catch a beneficial movement accidentally without applying any strategy or even having basic knowledge and such kind of situations always happen unexpectedly. It is true that a trader may be lucky sometimes but it is also a fact that only a prepared trader can continue profiting on financial markets. Without the proper knowledge of the market’s patterns and a clear understanding of an ongoing situation and the market’s direction, a trader may face incredibly high risks. So the first step to become a confident trader is to learn the way trading strategies play out and use one or a few to ensure a profitable trade.

The main rule lies is a simple fact – only those who can control their emotions and always use and stick to their strategies will always end up in profit. While gamblers rely on luck playing at a casino, professional traders always count on cold calculations and strong analysis and always stick to a determined strategy.

If you want to save your investment and even receive good returns on it, you should always take trading as a serious project that requires preparation.

The Most Important CFD Strategies in Forex Trading

In the list below you will find a few well-tried and proved through the decades trading methods and strategies. Since you have decided to become successful on financial markets and you are intended to get every opportunity that trading has to offer, these strategies will be your major assistants through all your way and will help you develop your own, sophisticated strategies in future.

Bollinger Bands

This trading tool has already proven its efficiency over the decades that it has been used. The Bollinger Bands strategy determines conditions for a good entrance with two bands – blue and red. Traders take it as a direct signal to open trades when an asset’s price touches the red band (buy) or blue band (sell). This trading strategy is one of the leaders in CFD online trading. Beginner traders will absolutely find this approach useful and effective.

RSI (Relative Strength Indicator)

One of the most common among the beginners as well. RSI serves as an indicator of whether markets are bullish or bearish. It is quite simple to use this indicator. When the indicator’s line rises higher than 30 point, this means that the asset is good for buying. However, if the RSI line goes below 70 point, it is a good signal to open a Sell position. It is definitely recommended to use RSI in any trading strategy.

MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence

The MACD belongs to the most used technical indicators. It is represented in a form of a chart with two moving price averages. This trend-following momentum indicator displays the relationship between the two averages. Also there is a histogram with more functions which may serve for experienced traders to build a strategy of their own using this one as basic. It perfectly fits the trading style of most CFD and Forex online traders.

Fibonacci Target Zones

Fibonacci is usually used to determine areas that may be profitable. It displays the highest points of a trend on a chosen time-frame. Traders use Fibonacci lines to predict certain spaces of support and resistance for a given asset, it’s potential behavior in the close future which helps to understand if it is the time to start buying or selling. Anytime a trader faces a difficult situation or complications with making a right prediction this tool helps to find a well-calculated solution.


The parabolic SAR is used to find the direction of an asset’s momentum and the point in time when this momentum has a most possible probability of switching directions. This tool is represented as a series of dots placed either above or below an assets price on a chart and it is usually used together with MACD for a clearer and reliable decision.

This is just a short description of the trading strategies that are most commonly used to make a better prediction. Certainly a much more detailed and comprehensive information over these tools and lots of others is available for the registered clients. Also, more information, guiding tutorials and videos are within easy access for our traders.